Vauxhall’s electric Ampera has powered in!



Vauxhall’s electric Ampera has powered in!

The sleek plug-in saloon made its world premier at the Geneva Motor Show. Unveiled by GM Europe President Carl-Peter Forster, the Ampera, which was badged an Opel in Geneva, uses the drivetrain from the Chevrolet Volt. This comprises of a 16kWh motor, lithium-ion batteries and a small capacity petrol engine, to achieve a total range of more than 500km.

Forster claimed that powering up the Ampera will be as easy as charging a mobile phone, as its plug can be slotted into a normal household 240V socket without extra equipment.

“The Ampera demonstrates GM’s leadership in the electrification of the automobile,” he added. “The ground-breaking Voltec electric propulsion system is the kind of game-changing technology the automotive industry needs to respond to energy and environmental challenges.”

Production will begin in late 2011, and the car will arrive in the UK in 2012. Forster also gave a boost to beleaguered Vauxhall workers at the Ellesmere Port factory in Cheshire, stating that the plant’s Astra production line would be suitable as a possible location to build the Ampera.


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