Peugeot’s Audi TT

peugeot-308-RC-Z-3.previewPeugeot’s Audi TT will be unveiled at Frankfurt motorshow in September. The car will be fitted with a mini cooper JCW 1.6 turbo,possibly tuned to 218 Bhp the Zagota style roof bulges stay, as does the kink alomg the side window line. Peugeot insider said the car has an almopst identical footprint to tt and price will be below 20000 euro. The new generation 2 liter HDI in either 150 or 163 bhp will also be available mated to automatic or manual transmission.

Tone down the 19in alloys, 40-profile rubber and postbox-sized exhausts, and you’re left with how the production car should look.

The feel from inside the industry is that engineering package is for real, though. Peugeot is the latest manufacturer to jump on the lightweight bandwagon (not hard, after years of successive bloaters) and the 308 RC Z weighs 1200kg, not bad for a coupe of this size. However, you have to take with a pinch of salt the claims that the concept has extensive use of aluminium and carbonfibre. It’s highly unlikely the high-tech composites will survive into a £18,000 production coupe.

The 308 RC Z is powered by a 1.6 litre THP turbo-charged petrol engine developed from the EP6DTS engine normally found under the bonnet of the 207 GTi, but now with a maximum power output of 218bhp. According to Peugeot

It is characterised by incredible responsiveness, thanks to the maximum torque output of 206ft-lb produced from very low engine speeds. This can also temporarily be increased to 221ft-lb due to the over boost function.
The engine is coupled with an entirely new 6 speed manual gearbox.

The interior is one of the surest signs that the 308 coupe is a dead cert for production. There is very little in here that’s concept-car pie-in-the-sky. The dashboard architecture is largely taken from the 308 hatch, although the fascia is trimmed in plusher leather.

Large, chunky bucket seats do their best to gobble any available legroom for those in the rear while, in true Peugeot style, the A-pillars are so far forward that you get the impression it could feel like an MPV from the driver’s chair.

Figures quoted are 146mph flat-out and 0-62mph in 7.0sec, which sound credible in light of the claimed kerbweight.


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