2010 Ford Flex shows muscle with twin-turbo EcoBoost

2010-ford-flex-ecoboost-1Last fall, Ford took a group of “influencers” and auto journalists on an urban adventure in New York City to introduce the 2009 Ford Flex. We started at the CUE Gallery in Chelsea where a commissioned artist was spray-painting a Flex roof, went on to dinner at Suba, a Spanish restaurant that floats over a swimming pool and had drinks at the trendy 60 Thompson.

It was the right venue for the 2009 Ford Flex, the seven-passenger “vehicle that dares to be different.” Crossover, CUV, SUV, wagon? You choose.

With its distinct squarish retro look, signature side grooves,wide windows and contrasting roof color (in white suede or brilliant silver), the Flex is a whole new genre of vehicle.

The story goes that J Mays, chief creative officer for Ford Motor Company, was discussing vehicles with a fashion designer who was in the market for a stylish “people mover” to jet out to the Hamptons from New York City. That was the beginning of the idea for the Flex, named the Fairlane as a concept car.

FYI, the much loved Ford Fairlane was a two-toned sedan sold between 1955 and 1971.  Following in the Fairlane’s footprint it appears that the Flex has also captured a lot of love in the last year. This “urban loft on wheels” has garnered everything from  Automobile Magazine – All Star Award; Texas Auto Writers – Overall CUV of the Year; Popular Mechanics – Automotive Excellence Awards; GQ Magazine – Best Stuff of the Year Awards; Car and Driver – SEMA Show Surprisingly Good Canvas Award to Maxim Magazine – Ultimate Road Trip Car. For 2010 the Flex has upped the stakes with a twin-turbocharged all-aluminum 3.5 liter EcoBoost V6 engine that is more fuel efficient, has lower emissions and is more powerful than its predecessor. This time they took a group of journalists to Boulder, Colorado to see how this vehicle would perform at altitude.

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