Ford Fiesta Sedan: 2011 model

Ford Fiesta 2011 modelThe UK is no stranger to the Ford Fiesta, however the small car has not had a huge showing in the U.S. that is until now. Hundreds of agents throughout the United States have taken delivery of the Ford Fiesta Sedan, in the hope of making it a popular choice for the U.S. consumer.

The most unusual news has to be the 2011 Ford Fiesta Sedan model, which you can see in these spy shots here. This model is already available in China, but the U.S. version of the car will have a few differences, in order to comply with its regulations.

Those differences will likely be revised fascias to the front and rear; the hatchback will also come in either three or five-door configurations. It is certainly nice to see that Americans are now starting to move away from huge gas guzzling cars, and thinking more about the environment.

Ford is also moving on with its electric car program, we recently reported that the automaker received $5.9 billion to help them build two new electric cars.


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