2010 Lotus Exige S / Exige S 260 Sport

Lotus_Exige_SLotus’s stand at the 2009 Geneva auto show featured the latest evolution of the company’s hard-core Exige S, which can only be described as, well, harder-core. The exterior begins to tell the story with its more angular front clip, full-width chin splitter, and elevated rear wing. The aesthetic changes aim to better manage airflow over the car, with the front fascia improving radiator cooling and the revised rear spoiler reducing aerodynamic drag without compromising downforce.

Little has changed within the Exige’s intensely focused driving environment, but in a seemingly never-ending march towards more power, the Toyota-sourced 1.8-liter supercharged four-cylinder now develops up to 257 hp in the limited-edition Exige S 260 Sport. The standard Exige S is rated at a still-impressive 240 hp, up significantly from the 190 naturally aspirated horses the car packed when it debuted in the U.S. in late 2005.

For 2010, the Exige line also incorporates a new, driver-programmable launch control system (derived from the company’s GT3 racing program), which features adjustable traction-control programming that allows for between zero and seven percent tire slip (or can be completely turned off, of course). Cool.


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