2010 Infiniti FX45

Infiniti FX45The brand new Infiniti FX45 is an entirely new breed of SUV that delivers ruggedness with the essence of a sports car. The vehicle possesses a vision for an automotive experience you never imagined was possible. The leather appointed sport seats help hold you with deep, supportive bolsters. An ingenious power Tilt Meter moves the steering column and instrument cluster in unison for ideal visibility. The Vehicle Information System gives you outside temperature, audio settings and an advanced trip computer. And drilled aluminum pedals add flair. This is definitely not your typical SUV. As such, our 2010 Infiniti FX45 review is not your typical SUV review.

FX45 is a new synonym for power. The vehicle is defined by a 4.5-liter V8 engine that produces 315 horsepower and 329 pounds-per-foot of torque. Inside this power plant, microfinished camshafts and molybdenum- coated pistons move with uninhibited precision. Titanium valves allow it to accelerate faster, while a computer modulates engine output and transmission response for swift, steady acceleration. You get more than this for the Infiniti FX45 price. Other FX45 review features include:

As you can see from any FX45 picture, this car is no ordinary vehicle to look at, either. Close the doors and you and four friends will be comforted in more than supple leather appointments and genuine aluminum accents, more than ample room for weekend provisions, more than a sophisticated, refined environment. Dual-zone climate control makes it very easy. Driver and passenger alike can choose a climate setting to their own liking. Even your rear-seat passengers can have their say with distinct ventilation outlets. Other features include:

Perhaps more important than these amenities, however, are the safety technologies that the FX45 implements. These are things you can’t see in the average FX45 picture, sophisticated technologies that are included in the affordable FX45 price. First, the car uses LED brake lights that illuminate up to 100 times quicker than conventional bulbs. Next, the car’s Brake Assist feature monitors how you apply the brakes and, sensing emergency braking, applies maximum brake force for potentially shorter stops. Finally, there’s Electronic Brake force Distribution, which senses and adjusts the amount of brake force applied to the front and rear wheels for improved braking performance. As you’ll read in any FX45 review, there is nothing like a smart machine that looks out for you. We hope you consider us your primary source of information on this car, and we hope to see you again soon.


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